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These boots features a rich tan color. They have a robust and chunky structure with a thick, grooved sole design to provide good traction – ideal for stability on various surfaces. The heel is blocky and of moderate height, offering a solid stance while adding some elevation. The cap-toe design gives a slight industrial or vintage edge to the overall look. The upper part of the boots is made of leather, exhibiting a smooth finish with subtle shading and natural variations in color, indicative of a well-worn or distressed look. They feature zippers on both the inside and outside, adding not only to the functionality, allowing for easier wearability and removal of the boots but also contributing to the aesthetic with a silver-tone hardware that offers a slight contrasting glint.
$249.99 $199.99
These calf-high moon boots feature a pair of lambskin uppers, tailored for a trendy, contemporary look. They feature a sturdy cleated platform outsole, giving them a chunky, modern silhouette. The platform is textured on the bottom and the sides, providing increased grip, and transitions into a block style heel, providing a significant increase in height while still maintaining some stability thanks to its width. At the top of the boots, there is a drawstring at the collar to make them more waterproof even when the snow exceeds the height of the boots. The overall impression is of a stylish and functional pair of boots that balance fashion-forward design with practical considerations for extremely cold weather.
$300.00 $229.00